About Cherished

Our program provides and supports young mums in the following ways:

  • A communal home providing safe and secure housing for women aged 16 – 25 years of age with 1-2 children aged 4 years and under, for a period of 12 months.
  • Affordable living expenses to be shown how to manage a budget and save money.
  • Inspire women to dream, to be inspired and encouraged that they can accomplish great things.
  • Provide support, build confidence, encourage and show unconditional love. 
  • Each family will have a mentor who will support and build friendship with each other’s families.
  • Providing counselling for each of the families to deal with trauma and the effects of domestic and family violence and generational destructive traits.
  • Life-skill workshops

    • Cooking – nutrition, meal planning and shopping on a budget
    • Cleaning
    • Bookkeeping – financial support and advice
    • Positive parenting, spiritual parenting
    • Reskilling to find employment
    • Personal care and styling
    • Personal inner growth e.g. Dealing with fear, boundaries, relationships
    • Each woman will work towards obtaining a driver’s licence
    • Being part of a church community who will support the women and their children and continue that support when it is time to move into their own home after they leave Cherished.

Cherished Team


I am the wife of Geordie, and a mother of three. I led an outreach ministry at church for 9 years, putting on a pamper morning for women who lived in Domestic Violence refuges. I kept seeing a recurring theme of generational abuse coming up through the women’s stories. It was truly heart breaking to hear and see the heart break and hopelessness the abuse had left. I believe every person is of great value and is designed to be loved and to give love. My childhood home was one of unconditional love and acceptance. I had two parents who cherished me, even when I most certainly didn’t deserve it. I always knew there was safety and peace at home. Cherished is a safe and peaceful home for four young mums and their bubs whose lives have been turned upside down through Domestic and Family Violence. Each Cherished mum will be seen, heard and loved. We encourage each mum to uncover her hidden hopes and dreams, equip her to chase them and empower her to embrace them. 


I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work alongside young mums and their bubs at Cherished. I found having my own 5 children the most wonderful and rewarding experience, but it wasn’t without challenges and moments of uncertainty. I was very fortunate to have support and guidance from my family and friends, who were having similar experiences to mine. That shared loving community around me was of enormous personal benefit and an experience I believe every young mother should have. Cherished Home is a beautiful safe haven, where young Mums are embraced in a similar loving community to help guide and encourage them to be the best mothers they can be, and to nurture and empower them to plan a bright, happy and independent future for themselves and their children. 


I have a strong sense of justice and a passion to see opportunity given to young mums to reach their potential. I long to see young mums supported in their journey to beat the odds and not become another statistic in the destructive cycle of domestic violence and the child protection system.  It was this passion that led to the connection with Angela. Although our skill sets could not have been more diverse, our passions aligned perfectly, ultimately revealing the perfect partnership and the birthing of Cherished home for young mums.


I am a wife and mother of 4 grown up boys. Originally, I come from Switzerland. I am so very excited to be involved in Cherished. I love the heart of Cherished – a place that’s safe and a sanctuary where there is the opportunity to restore what was stolen and broken. I am looking forward to be working in an amazing team and to provide a space for 4 precious women to land and feel secure and safe. It is an honour to be able to walk alongside these amazing young mothers and their babies. It will be our aim to lead, empower and encourage them on their own unique journey to build a future with hope and purpose. The team in Cherished will be there to share life skills and promote positive, healthy mindsets. It’s amazing, how this project crossed my path in exactly the right moment… I’m ready to serve and give my very best for Cherished home. 

Cherished Board Of Directors

About The Home

This home was the birth home of Angela, co-founder of Cherished. Angela was brought up in this home and through the years, the roots have grown deep on a strong foundation of love, respect and Christian faith and values. A house is made of bricks and beams, whereas a home is made of hopes and dreams. We pray that this house will indeed be home to the young mums and their babies and the fulfillment of their hopes and dreams. We believe this is the first of many Cherished homes for young mums and their bubs. We desire to see many mums experience a safe and secure sense of family and community.

The home was styled by Trish Germaine who was asked to create a home that flowed with a welcoming and modern simplistic style with a boho vibe. Each mum has a beautiful bedroom space with her own ensuite. When you walk through the spaces at Cherished, the love in this home is almost tangible.