Every human being should be able to have a safe and loving home to live in. Sadly this is not happening, for so many people. WE need to start a change for young mums to experience this for themselves and their own children. 

Nothing assists change as much as a supportive community cheering another on.

Community is a blessing for everyone involved. Often all community needs is TIME.


How You Can Help

DRIVING EXPERIENCE –  offering to sit next to a Cherished one for an hour of driving experience to obtain licence

LEGAL  ADVICE –  some of our Cherished ones may need Legal guidance 

LIFE SKILLS –  every second Thursday we gather for a workshop of a life skill – contact Angela if interested.

FINANCIAL GUIDANCE – To help the Cherished ones manage and understand their financial situation.

GROCERIES – very simple but extremely helpful – a bag of groceries and personal items for women.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT  – for ongoing home expenses – maintenance.

We are passionate about giving families a life changing hand up rather than a hand out. 

Our cherished ones will also learn the importance of giving back to the community by volunteering.

LIFE is richer when shared. 

Cherished home for young mums is a place to be free

A space to discover your identity

Its a place of support where your not doing it alone

Learning together with new skills to be sown

Mums nurturing young ones

Growing in love, Growing strong

This is the place that you’ll truly belong

You will dream of tomorrow, While you live in today

You’ll be grafting on a new tree

Yours are the choices, You’ll hear encouraging voices

And a flourishing beauty you’ll be

And a flourishing beauty you’ll be